We design your ink

If the today's subject is industrial digital printing, then only hardware is the subject of the discussion: Number of printheads, theoretical speed m / min, native resolution, price per nozzle etc. It certainly involves information that is important for an investment decision, but in the first place the question of the right combination of ink and media should be first and foremost. We follow the approach that it is ultimately the ink, that gives things their colour, and thus their selection should or must be at the beginning of a process. Two questions are of central importance:

What type of ink is suitable for designing the surface?
We offer a great selection of basic formulations from the H2O pigment ink to H2O decor inks and
H2O Lumocolor inks . Based on these types of ink, we can then select or modify an ink suitable for your surface.

Is the printed surface with the planned finishing compatible and is the required fastness achieved?
Here too, we have a convincing answer! Our extensively equipped test laboratory allows us to create samples with selected STAETDLER H2O inks. With few limitations, we are also able to carry out these tests thanks to a mobile printing unit at your site. This may be necessary if the quality of the surface is greatly changed for a short period of time.
Only when these questions are answered, the appropriate printhead for the ink formulation should be selected. The print engine as defined can be integrated into a machine either rigidly (single pass) or moving in xy direction (multi pass).
Of course, we know that many customers, who have already made an investment, ask if the results are optimal. Here too, we can help you and as described above assist you- with the restriction that involves the  priorly selected printhead.
We look forward to advising and accompanying you if it concerns water-based inks for your digital printing process - We design your ink - STAEDTLER Industrial Products.