STAEDTLER Ink Jet - your specialist for waterbased inks!

Your Partner below the Surface – We take that literally! Our water-based inks industrial printheads are the basis for the digital reproduction of your decoration ideas.
Regardless of whether you want to print on primed laminate, decorative or preimpregnated paper - we have the right ink.

The STAEDTLER H2O Decoration inks provide unique benefits for your digital production:

  • Available colours - Colours Unlimited
    CMYK for reproduction of graphic and photorealistic decorations.
    Gravure emulation for the reproduction of wood finishes with low metamery.
    Individual »we design your ink«  – development according to colour index.
  • Water-based inks - H2O
    Regardless of whether your process around the printed surface is water based, UV-based or a mix of both: water-based inks can be optimally integrated into the surface. In pure water-based processes, such as the printing of decorative paper, H2O inks are also the only alternative in the digital process.
  • Metamerism - A question of the colour index
    An important issue when digital and analogue production are mixed, or one of the two methods should be preserved. We offer an extensive selection of inks of different colour indexes and help you find the best ink set for your process. Only if analogue and digital are coordinated, cost advantages and flexibility of a digital production can actually be used, giving you a distinct advantage in the marketplace.
  • Printheads - the choice is yours
    With our ink range we cover the specifications of major manufacturers for industrial print heads.
  • Quality and safety - Made in Germany
    We develop and manufacture our inks at our location in Nuremberg. With over 25 years of experience in the preparation of pigments, and the development and production of water-based inks, we can meet any challenge that can be solved with colour.

We see ourselves as partners and advise you on the road to the digital reproduction of your designs - regardless of whether you already have a machine, or face an investment decision.

Our goal is your success, because ultimately it is the ink that gives things their colour.

Please contact us immediately.

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